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Complete CPA Services for Evaluating Your Financial Present & Planning Your Future!

Since 1986, the CPA firm of Hardin & Schaefer P.C. has offered accurate and reliable CPA services to individuals, corporations, partnerships, trusts, and estates in Ste. Genevieve, MO. Talk with us, and our team can provide a complete financial picture with clear, easy to understand data and analysis–whether it’s seeing where you stand today, or learning how to profit from tomorrow.

Services at Hardin & Schaefer P.C. Include:

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Traditional Accounting & Bookkeeping

We make it easier to run your business by performing all the accounting and bookkeeping tasks for you. We perform duties like running payroll, categorizing expenses, documenting new vendors, reconciliation of your bank and credit card accounts for you, and much more.

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Financial Statement Preparation

We can help your business aggregate all your accounting information into a standardized set of financial records. These can then be sent to creditors, lenders, and investors for evaluation purposes.

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Strategic Business & Tax Planning

Businesses don’t like surprises from the IRS. We can help you create an efficient tax portfolio based on your financial goals. We will take a look at your tax liabilities from local, state, federal, and overseas points and work to minimize those liabilities.

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